Project “ Interactive platform for digitalization of museums” (InterDIGImuseum)

The epidemiological situation caused by the spread of Covid 19 has put the need
for digital transformation in Europe on the agenda. The novel coronavirus pandemic
has badly affected all sectors, but the world of culture has been hit hardest,
earliest and perhaps most visibly. This raised the question of people level of
digital skills and competencies. This forced cultural actors to rethink their
activities and competencies and to turn to digitalization, which is a modern way
out of the crisis. In response to this, the project envisages conducting trainings to
increase digital competences and skills for the preparation, creation,
administration and digitization of metadata, information and artifacts. Cultural

figures will learn to work with various modern software and equipment designed
for recording, filming, scanning and other activities in order to convert digital
objects and objects of cultural heritage. Participants in the trainings will also
acquire skills for innovative promotion of digitized content, as well as be able to
develop and apply concepts for effectively reaching different audiences in
Project period and number: 01/11/2021 – 01/11/2023 – 021-1-BG01-KA220-ADU-
Erasmus+ program: Cooperation partnerships in adult education
Target groups: Museums, Galleries, Representatives of cultural and cultural
heritage organizations and institution and other stakeholders

The project aim:

The project overall objective is to help to adults, target groups,
and especially those involved in the cultural sector, to improve their digital skills.
Thus the target group will be able to use the potential of the digital transformation
to increase the competitiveness of organizations working in the field of cultural
heritage. This will be achieved by presenting and advertising organizations through
digitalization, which will facilitate the reaching of potential audiences and
customers and will enhance the delivery and effectiveness of the propose services
of organizations in the field of cultural heritage.


Within InterDIGImuseum project five main Results (R) are foreseen:

Digitalization of museum artifacts.

Under this result at least 150 artifacts from the collections of each of the museums will be digitized - associate partners (Regional historical museum - Vidin (Bulgaria), The town Museum, Knjazevac (Serbia) and Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography in Corabia, Romania). For each one of the three museum will be create a virtual tour (360 VR).

Promo InterDIGImuseum exhibitions.

Within this result 3 films for museums and museum collections will be created - one film for each associated partner.

Interactive system for digitalization of museums "InterDIGImuseum”.

It is a system for building digital museums, it is able to store and present digital objects in any format (images, 3D objects, text documents, video and audio content).

Video guide "InterDIGImuseum".

The video guide will present a video recording of the conducted trainings - Digitization of museum artifacts and 3D print, Working with a web-based platform "InterDIGImuseum", Digital marketing and digital branding through "InterDIGImuseum".

Research - degree of digitalization in European museums – challenges and opportunities.

Withing this result will be conduct two researches, Research - degree of digitalization in European museums - challenges and opportunities and Research among visitors to museums, galleries and other cultural institutions to identify what they are looking for and want to see when visiting different cultural sites

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