The Interdigimuseum project team is pleased to announce the final multiplier event for the project on October 30, 2023 in the city of Craiova, Romania. During the event, we will present the new and innovative resources developed within the project, including films and virtual tours of the Regional Historical Museum – Vidin, the Archaeological Museum in Korabia and the Museum in Knyazhevac, 3D models of museum artifacts and a video guide, from which you can learn how to use technologies to promote cultural heritage.

The event will be open to the general public and a unique chance to learn about innovative approaches to presenting the cultural heritage of Romania and the Balkans.

The final multiplier event is our opportunity to share with the public the new opportunities to access and study cultural heritage. We believe that this innovative approach will be the key to the wider popularization of our cultural wealth.

The invitation is open to all who are interested in cultural heritage as well as modern technologies.

For more information and questions, please contact us by phone: 0251-412290 or E-mail:;

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