“InterDigimuseum” project ended in Knjaževac with a multiplier event

In Knjaževac on October 26, 2023 the final multiplier event of the “InterDigimuseum” project was held. The event not only presented innovative resources in the field of cultural heritage, but also ushered in a new era in the presentation of historical wealth through the use of modern technological advances. During the event, the results of the conducted surveys on the level of digitalization of cultural organizations from European countries and third countries and surveys among visitors to museums, galleries and other cultural institutions to identify their needs, interests and expectations when visiting cultural sites were presented The project team introduced the attendees to the virtual museum tours and films developed under the project for the Regional History Museum in Vidin, the Archaeological Museum in Korabia and the museum in Knjaževac. The project developed interactive 3D models of valuable museum artefacts were proudly presented, allowing visitors to explore their history in real time and space. The event also featured a video guide that revealed how technology can transform museums into dynamic centers of education and entertainment, offering visitors a unique and exciting experience. Attendees witnessed the integration of the traditional with the modern as this event ushered in a new era in the museum industry. The participants exchanged ideas and experiences in the field of cultural heritage and technology.