Completed the second training for the InterDIGImuseum project on Digital Marketing and Digital Branding through “InterDIGImuseum”

The training was held in Kalna, Serbia, and was attended by 24 representatives of the target group from Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania. The aim of the training was to form knowledge and skills in the participants in the field of digital marketing and branding with an emphasis on the cultural sector. During the training, the participants had the opportunity to become familiar with what digital marketing and branding represents. They learned how to prepare an online presence strategy, and how to work with social media, search engines and other tools for digital marketing. The participants realized the importance of creating and maintaining a strong digital brand for cultural institutions and museums. They acquire the skills to create and manage quality content in online publications, including texts, images and video materials. Learn methods for analyzing and monitoring the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns. During the training, the participants were engaged in practical exercises and projects, which allowed them to apply what they had learned in a real scenario. They also had the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with colleagues from different cultural institutions from other countries. This exchange of knowledge and skills created a stimulating environment in which the participants managed to develop and find new approaches for digital marketing and branding in the cultural sector.